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About Harmonica Tabs Website

Harmonicatabs.net (Harmonica Tabs) is a website that provides free tabs for harmonica instruments & instructions, documents for playing harmonica.


What is Our Mission?

With the desire to share knowledge with people around the world who are passionate about music with harmonica instruments, Harmonica Tabs is an open library. In addition to our editorial team that constantly collects tabs from around the world, our system allows users (harmonica players) to contribute and build with us.

We do not charge any fees for downloading books, harmonica tabs, and sheets available on our website. In case you are the author of a piece of music posted on our website and do not want it to be displayed on our system, please inform us specifically about that song. We’ll take down songs, documents, eboooks or sheets!

What do we do?


Lee Pham

I’m Lee Pham, and I’m a copywriter. I have a passion for music, especially Harmonica. However, I have been searching the internet for quite some time but have yet to find a website about Harmonica Tabs with all the information needed by Harmonica players. So I joined the team of HarmnocaTabs.net. Hoping to bring the harmonica sound to every corner of the world, and help harmonica lovers to play the harmonica anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about me by clicking through to the About The Author page.

Harmonica Tabs Website - Lee Pham

Elisa Le

Harmonica Tabs Website - Elisa Le Author

I’m Elisa Le, i come from California City, California. Even though I live in a bustling place, I still feel lonely. One day, when I happened to hear Harmonica’s melodious tune, I suddenly fell in love with her strangely. And then I started to learn how to play harmonica myself, and collect music tabs for harmonica.

And I roam the internet but have yet to find a website that has all the information needed for a newcomer. And I decided to join Harmonicatabs.net with the desire to contribute to building a useful website for Harmonica players.

Have You Ever Wondered…

  • How do you play a harmonica?
  • What is vibrato?
  • Can harmonicas be used as a medical treatment?

The harmonica is a wind instrument often used in blues, jazz, country and rock and roll. Here are some kinds of harmonicas, but most beginners start with a diatonic harmonica” (sometimes referred to as blues harp”) in to create of C, since however considered one of which relates to types to play.
The harmonica is played by placing the lips over little holes called “reed chambers.” Each reed chamber has multiple reeds, which are fastened on one side and loose at the other.

Musicians use their breath to blow into or draw air out in the harmonica. The pressure caused by forcing air into or out of the reed chambers causes the loose ends of the reeds to vibrate up and down, creating sound.

Unlike oboes, clarinets and bassoons, which require manual tuning, the harmonica’s reeds are pretuned, which means each reed makes a particular tone. Longer reeds make deep, low sounds. Shorter reeds make up the high notes.

Blowing into the harmonica produces one note, while drawing air from the harmonica produces a second. By doing this, a player is perfect for play 19 notes on a diatonic harmonica.

Musicians often make use of a technique called “vibrato” while playing the harmonica. By frequent lowering and raising their hands quickly around the harmonica, musicians can create vibrato, which increases the notes a shaking sound.

Blues players also create vibrato having a harmonica by shaking their heads, which moves their lips very quickly between two of the holes on the harmonica. 

Would you believe some doctors have even used the harmonica as a medical treatment?

As musicians breathe in and out to play the harmonica, they breathe against resistance.This means they must use and develop their diaphragm and lungs, causing them to breathe deeply so as to make music.

Patients with lung problems use machines that help them exercise the same muscles. Some doctors have found that using the harmonica gives patients more motivation to practice their lung exercises and have added it to their treatment plans!

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